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Tree Removal

In Need of Removal of Certain Trees on Your Property but have it done safely, damage-free and at a low cost?


Arbor Care Experts specializing in diagnosing, running diagnosis test, analyzing, and providing solutions to such diseases!

Tree Trimming

Providing Professional Tree Pruning, corrective cuts to administer the right growth meant to your trees? Give us a call!

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Fully satisfying every client to the highest expectation and properly assisting all your tree needs at once!

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Apart from being insured and bonded we handle all our consultation at no additional charge. Call us now! 

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Tree Fallen or Requiring an Emergency Service? Servicing all DFW and unbeatable price all around! Get Your Free Estimate!


“Great Service. All Services Were Rendered To The Best of its Abilities. Highly Recommend!”

– Brie Charlson


Had A Dangerous Cottonwood Close to My Home. Called This Company answered all the right questions and got it done safely. Incredible Tree Service Company in the Metroplex.”

– Brandt Burkett


“Having more than 2 dozens of mature oak tree surrounding my property. Needed major tree trimming at the moment. They did a tremendous job in proper pruning and giving me a great price.”

– Dan Jackson


“Spectacular Tree Service Company! Cost Effective, A+ Rated Service, and Respectful Group of Crew Members! Hauled off and Cleaned up the whole property like if they weren’t even here”

– Matt A. Hendricks


“Service was guaranteed and most definitely professional. I had them come out 2 different of my property sites. Price and Service highly suggest going with them!”

– Randy Wallace

Your Local Premier Tree Service Company in Fort Worth area. Serving tree trimming, removals, arborist, in other words, arbor care professionals, and much more services that are included. Distributing the right services through out the DFW Metroplex area. From knowing standard procedures for proper pruning and safe removals we can handle any project in the vicinity. Servicing Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for well over a decade and more with personal experience.

Providing Top Quality Services:
Tree Removals

When it comes to your tree removing we are your professional tree removal company. Keeping safety as the main priority and getting your trees removed as best as possible. Being insured and bonded with highly experienced techs to remove your trees precisely without any damage. To include hauling off and final cleanup.

Tree Disease

Got sick trees? Trees are important assets to your property as much any other factors involved with owning. Our arbor care experts are professionals in finding and eradicating tree diseases on your trees to subdue and restore trees health on its on system. With Natural ORganic components and systemic fungicides and pest. to eliminate sickness on your trees.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is a big part of your trees life span. You want professionals that are experienced and certified to properly prune your trees in a healthy pattern way. Our tree surgeons in other words  tree climbers are professionally trained in removing deadwood that harbor insects and fungal, thinning and raising your canopies correctly.

Stump grinding

When removing your trees you want to completelly sever everything that goes along with it. This includes your stump and the rest of the roots. We deal with a lot of homeowners and property owners wanting to stump grind to replant or lay sod. WHen stump grinding we remove the complete root ball and sever all root system to kill and eliminate comebacks.

LAnd Clearing

We have worked hand in hand with many project developers and property owners in doing land clearing. We have the right equipment to remove brush, fallen trees, and other excess trash. Whether it is residential or commercial no task is too hard for us we can do all your land clearing deelopment in Fort Worth, TX and other surrounding cities

safe Insured & bonded

Tree Removal-Fort Worth stands on excellence and providing our customers full satisfactional services and prices. We are a company that maintain saefty throughout service, being insured from the first step on our customers property, and bonded most of all. We are the full package on the right tree service company for your tree needs and concerns.

Without a doubt the most professional and trustworthy tree removal services in Fort Worth.”

Joe M. View Review

“I have contracted this Tree removal Fort Worth to remove several of our trees in Fort Worth Texas. From excellent Customer service, affordable pricing and getting the job done in the allocated time. They were prompt, efficient And made sure at the end that it was all completed and cleaned up. If you want a leading provider of removals you want to call this company. Highly recommended!”

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About Us is a leading provider for 5-star rated tree services in Texas, Here we go the extra mile to make sure you recieve the best care, satisfaction, and affordability of our services provided. Our service area is as wide as the variety of trees we care for. Contact us today.

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