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Are there benefits to keeping my trees healthy?

Beautiful, healthy trees are prized treasures that enhance your residence. Working directly with an arbor care professional to protect the health of your trees is exceptionally important. The stress and worry that dealing with sick trees, dieback, premature defoliation and dead trees can cause only adds unwanted turmoil and high costs. Healthy trees provide cooling shade, lower your electric bill and escalate your property value tremendously. An ISA certified arborist will direct you in the specific care that your prized investments need in order to remain in optimum health.

What are signs of A healthy tree?

Different tree varieties exhibit unique characteristics that reveal they are strong and healthy; however, the following specifics are generally present when a tree’s health is robust. A tree care specialist will provide you with any information you need or desire to aid you in observing your tree’s health.

  • Strong Bark: If you notice bark falling from your tree then the tree’s health is declining. Bark should be solid and strong. Flaking, peeling, and brittle bark are indicative that the tree is unhealthy.
  • Flexible Branches: Dead branches and branches falling from your trees are not a positive sign! Healthy branches should be flexible and bend without breakage.
  • Appropriate Color: The tree’s color should be appropriate with its variety. For example, Shumard red oaks should have beautiful red leaves. The color change of the tree’s foliage should be compatible to the time of year and season.
  • Thick Foliage: A healthy tree will have a thick, full canopy and not exhibit premature defoliation. Thinning areas within the tree’s canopy are issues of concern.
  • Undamaged Leaves: Healthy tree leaves will be free of unsightly spots, blemishes or unusual color change. Wilted leaves are indicative of a sick tree.
  • New Growth: All healthy trees will reveal obvious new annual growth. Depending upon the tree variety, there will be new blossoms, fruit, young shoots and branches, buds and foliage.

What can I do to protect the health of my trees?

Always enlist the services of an experienced tree company to provide the best tree and plant health care. A tree expert will customize the perfect continual tree health care maintenance program designed specifically for you and your residential outdoor environment. Our tree experts, tree doctors and ISA certified arborists are well-acquainted with the tree ailments prevalent throughout our community, and are highly skilled and experienced in preventing these destructive tree diseases from occurring. There are numerous treatments that elevate the vitality of trees, as well as proactive measures to guard their health.

  • Tree Removal: Diseased trees should be professionally removed by an experienced tree company promptly. Diseased trees can infect healthy trees throughout your grounds. Always contact an expert tree removal service that will see that diseased trees are carefully and correctly removed and that your healthy trees are not damaged.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: This treatment is very important! A highly-trained licensed tree expert injects under pressure the specific nutrients the tree requires directly into its root zone. Compacted soil can greatly inhibit proper root growth and the injected oxygen aerates the soil and rectifies soil compaction. When administered annually, this key treatment elevates the tree’s resistance to disease by 95% and ensures its root system is able to grow adequately.
  • Guard Your Trees From Stressful Conditions: Stress can cause even healthy trees to become weak and vulnerable to infectious agents. Conditions such as severe weather conditions and inadequate watering techniques can inflict stress upon a tree. A tree care specialist will provide you with the protection that your trees need to remain strong in extreme temperature changes. Soil drenching and controlled watering methods will ensure that your tree receives adequate water administered correctly.
  • Tree Health Assessment: An ISA certified arborist examines and analyzes the tree, completes a tree evaluation report and then determines the specific nutrients that the tree requires to ensure its health is protected.
  • Prevent Accidental Wounding: Tree wounds are often the means by which tree diseases and insect problems invade a tree. Unintentional wounds can occur from weed trimming and shovels. Always entrust regular lawn and plant health care maintenance to an arbor care professional.
  • Root Pruning: Often, trees grow too large for the space they’re planted in. Cramped trees develop curled roots that can develop into girdled roots that constrict the tree trunk and cause severe damage. Root pruning prevents girdled roots from developing and eliminates the threat of stunted tree growth and eventual dead.
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