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What are Borer Insects?

Borer insects are capable of becoming a very serious problem for your trees. Normally they attack wounded or weakened trees but some boring insects will invade even healthy trees. The great majority of the damage these insects cause cannot be seen, as they invade the tree and destroy it’s vascular system by attacking the tree’s plant cells and tissue that disperse water and nutrients through its structure. Once serious infestation becomes apparent there is little that can be done to save the tree. Visible warning signs of borer insect presence include an overall declining of the tree’s health, dead branches, premature defoliation and small holes in the tree’s trunk and limbs.

Are Borer Insects common in Fort Worth?

Unfortunately, numerous varieties of borer insects are prevalent throughout Fort Worth neighborhoods. Pine bark beetles are becoming a rapidly-increasing problem and target fir tree varieties. These beetles cause flaking bark, needle discoloration and resin spots to appear. Emerald ash borers are lethal green beetles that target only ash varieties and have destroyed over 200 million ash trees throughout the US. Targeting cottonwood, poplar and willow trees, the large cottonwood borer beetle invades the tree at its baseline. Wood borers such as clearwing moths and flathead beetles destroy fruit trees, shade tree varieties and shrubs. Fort Worth arbor care professionals are passionate in their pursuit to stop these destructive insects.

How can I protect my tree from Borer Insects?

Protecting your tree’s health is the best means to prevent borer insects from ever invading the tree. Guarding your tree from unintentional wounding by weed trimmers, shovels and close-range activities is always a good means of protection because  borer insects tend to target weak, wounded trees. Deep root fertilization ensures the tree’s immunity is robust and is receiving adequate nutrients, as well as injecting oxygen into the soil and eliminating soil compaction that can stifle root growth. The ISA certified arborist will do a tree health assessment to determine if the tree is vulnerable to insect infestation and the nutrients the tree requires. A tree expert will inform and advise you on the treatments available to ensure your tree’s health is protected.

What can be done to eliminate Borer Insects?

If borer insect infestation is severe or the tree is destroyed then they must be professionally removed by a tree removal service. All dead branches, ground debris and tree stumps must also be removed and destroyed to eliminate the insects, eggs and larvae. Regular tree pruning with sanitized tools by a tree trimming service halts insect reproduction before it can spread. Insecticide treatments and trunk injections administered by a tree doctor are effective in the early stages of insect invasion. If you are dealing with bark falling or noticing signs of an unhealthy tree it is essential to contact an arborist that treats sick trees promptly.

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