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I’ve noticed A lot of insects around my trees. Can tree pests harm my trees?

Tree pests are one of the most devastating tree health care issues that a homeowner may have to face. Not only do insect pests quickly damage and eventually destroy your trees, but they can swiftly overtake your outdoor grounds and even enter your home. Early treatment is essential in stopping the destruction of tree pests. It is imperative to enlist the services of an experienced tree company when you observe tree pests on your property.

What tree pests are common in Fort Worth?

Unfortunately, there are numerous tree pests that are common in Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area. Tree care specialists are on high alert to these insect nuisances and are exceptionally experienced in treating and removing them from your outdoor residential grounds. Some of the many common insect pests include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Wood Borers: These larvae cause more damage on the inside of your tree than is visibly evident on the outside. They gain entrance through the tree’s bark and eat intricate, winding tunnels throughout the tree’s entire core wood.
  • Webworms: Webworms can rapidly turn your beautiful trees into an unsightly disturbance! Webworms create white webbing bags throughout your tree branches so they can hide inside and protect themselves from bird predators while they eat the foliage from your trees.
  • Aphids: Reproducing swiftly, these tiny insects siphon the nutrients from your tree foliage and plant leaves. They cluster together on plant stems and leaves.
  • Bagworms: Do not be deceived when you notice small cone-like structures hanging on your fir trees! These deceptive insects create these cones from bark and leaf remnants and hide within while they eat the pine needles. They must be removed and destroyed immediately by an arbor care professional.
  • Spider Mites: Microscopic in size, these insect nuisances reproduce at an alarming rate and quickly overtake your entire outdoor grounds. Spider mites inflict tiny bite marks on the upper side of leaves and spin fine webbing on the underside.
  • Emerald Ash Borers: Vivid green in color, these beetles obliterate the tree’s entire vascular system. They target only ash tree varieties. Bark holes are indicative of their presence and the tree will exhibit premature defoliation. Without treatment, the infested tree will die.

What can I do to eliminate tree pests?

Preventing insect pests from ever infesting your trees is the best defense!  Enlisting the services of the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas will ensure that your trees are protected. If you notice tree pests on your habitat grounds or suspect your trees are declining in health, the arborist that treats sick trees will determine the treatment needed to rid your trees of insect infestations. Early treatment is essential to halt the serious destruction that tree pests can inflict. The arbor care professional will personalize an ongoing tree health care maintenance program designed uniquely for you. Entrust the care of your valuable trees and outdoor environment to a tree care specialist and rest assured that you will be free from the stress and worry that tree pests can cause.

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