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My tree look great and I want to make sure they stay that way. What can I do to protect their health?

It is wise to take proactive measures and guard the health of your trees. Trees not only beautify your outdoor residential environment but they add relaxing outdoor areas, provide cooling shade and greatly increase the value of your property. The following measures are among some of the actions that homeowners can take in order to protect the health of their treasured living investments.

  • Entrust the Care of your Trees and Plants to an Experienced Tree Company: The ISA certified arborist, tree experts and tree care specialists have extensive experience and knowledge regarding the health of trees and plants throughout Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex. Arbor care professionals adhere to the high standards of excellence that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. By entrusting the care of your trees and plants to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas you will have the peace in knowing that your trees will always remain beautiful and healthy.
  • Enact A Continual Tree and Plant Health Care Maintenance Program: The surest way to guarantee that your trees always remain in the best of health is to enact a continuing tree and plant health care maintenance program. The experienced tree company will customize the care plan unique for you and your residence. You will be eliminated of the worry and concern as to if your trees are always in optimum health and will have comfort in knowing that specialized arbor care experts are caring for your trees and plants.
  • Controlled Watering: Fungal tree diseases thrive in standing water and moist soil. Water on foliage can entice these dreaded pathogens. Controlled watering administered and monitored by a tree care specialist will eliminate excess water from your outdoor grounds. Soil drenching and soaker hoses will prevent excessive moisture that sprinkler systems can cause.
  • Avoid Unintentional Wounding: Homeowners don’t often realize how much tree damage can result from mowers, weed trimmers or shovels. Always entrust the regular lawn care maintenance to an arbor care professional who will ensure that unintentional wounding does not occur. Many tree diseases and tree pests target wounded trees; therefore, preventing wounding is important to guarding the health of your trees.

Are there treatments that will protect my trees and boost their health?

There are many important tree health care treatments that will greatly benefit the health of your trees. ISA certified arborists and tree care experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the administering of these key treatments. The following are some of the treatments that we highly recommend to ensure your trees remain in optimum health.

  • Deep Root Fertilization: Regular topical lawn fertilization applications do not provide adequate nutrients to trees. With deep root fertilization, a highly-skilled tree expert will inject under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients that your tree requires directly into its root zone. Compacted soil is also rectified due to the injected oxygen. The results are that your tree will be 95% more disease resistant when this key treatment is administered annually and its root structure will thrive.
  • Tree Health Assessment: It is important to always know the health status of your trees. The ISA certified arborist will closely examine your tree and complete a tree evaluation report. If your tree is weak and vulnerable to disease then the arborist will determine the treatment it requires to restore it to a robust and strong health condition. The specific nutrition the tree requires to maintain its health will be determined by the tree care specialist.
  • Soil Aeration: Oxygen is important for trees and plants to thrive. Compacted soil from construction activities and high foot traffic within your outdoor habitat can impede proper root growth. Soil aeration ensures that there is adequate oxygen within the soil and corrects soil compaction issues.
  • Tree Growth Regulators: Fast-growing and tall, mature trees must have substantial root systems to support their size. Tree growth regulators increase root density and also boost the tree’s resistance to disease and tolerance to temperature changes. This key treatment last five years.
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