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Even healthy trees can become weak and vulnerable to diseases when they have been subjected to stressful conditions. Stress can be caused by construction activities and high foot-traffic that compacts soil and suppresses root growth. Extreme weather conditions such as lightning, storms and temperature changes can stress and weaken trees. It is best to entrust the care of your trees to an experienced tree company who will see to it that your valuable trees are protected when they have been subjected to stress.

Are there serious tree diseases that can make my oak tree sick?

Yes! Unfortunately, destructive oak tree diseases are prevalent throughout Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area. ISA certified arborists, tree care experts and tree doctors are continuously encountering these lethal tree diseases. Below are some of the most serious oak tree destroyers that you should watch out for.

  • Oak Wilt: Towering Shumard red oaks are the host tree of choice for this deadly fungal pathogen but no oak tree variety is safe from oak wilt. This destructive disease has killed millions of oak trees throughout Texas and it spreads easily via insects or intertwined tree roots. Oak wilt shuts down the tree’s vascular system and prevents it from supplying water and nutrients to its trunk and branches. Foliage discoloration and premature defoliation are early indications of its invasion and an infected tree often dies in less than six months. It is imperative to contact an experienced tree company promptly if you suspect your oak tree’s health is failing.
  • Sudden Oak Death: As the name implies, this water mold pathogen destroys oak trees rapidly! It thrives in early spring rainy weather as is typical here in Texas. Sudden oak death (SOD) targets trees that are stressed and weakened. Visible symptoms of its invasion include premature defoliation, branches falling and spotted foliage. As the disease progresses the tree will develop canker wounds and bark falling, but by this time it is often too late to save the tree. When you observe these symptoms the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas should be contacted immediately!
  • Hypoxylon Canker: Targeting only stressed, weak or wounded trees, this lethal tree disease is spreading through Texas at an alarming rate. Once the oak tree is showing visible indications of infection it is usually too late to save the tree and the oak will endanger human life and property. The oak will exhibit yellowing leaves and reduced new growth then will have bark falling and unsightly peeling strips on its bark and branches. An arbor care professional must be contacted quickly if you notice or suspect that your prized oak tree is declining in health.

What can I do to improve my oak tree’s health?

Always entrust the care of your trees and outdoor habitat to a tree care professional. ISA certified arborists, tree doctors and tree experts have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting the health of your trees. A continual tree health maintenance program will eliminate you of the concern and unwanted expenses of combating lethal tree diseases or tree replacement. The best means of protection is to make certain the health of your trees is always protected and an experienced tree company will ensure that your trees are well and robust.

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